Points to Consider Before Buying Your Lipstick

There are different kinds of lipsticks on the market. All ladies love to have lipstick to make them look fascinating. Most ladies like to apply it every day and keep it close to them, and they can’t forget to carry it wherever they go.

You might not know what makes lipstick differ from each other regarding the shade, texture or even the wear time. So it’s therefore crucial to keep in mind some of the things you need to check before purchasing your lipstick. Read these points to help you when buying your lipstick.

Choose as Per Your Needs

lady with red lipstickFrom various kinds of lipsticks, it’s crucial to consider the type of lipstick you would love to use. Some of the models are matte touch lipsticks, cream lipsticks and also lipsticks that have a shimmer or frost finish.

It’s advisable to choose a soft touch lipstick because it will moisturize your lips well however if you need a lipstick that will last longer, you can buy matte touch lipsticks. They have a deep color and give you a natural look making the lips appear thinner.

Shelf Life of the Lipstick

It’s vital for you to check for the shelf life of your lipstick before buying. Check on the date of manufacture and expiry date too. Mostly the shelf life of most lipsticks is three years. Some stores sell items that are a year older to finish the old stock you buy such products, and you will have a short shelf life for your lipstick. It wise for you to purchase new products that will take longer to expire to enjoy it for as long as you want.

Don’t Buy the Same Shade

Before you purchase your new lipstick, arrange the shades that are similar. Sometimes it’s confusing to know the difference between the new shades which may look same with the shade that you are already using. You will meet people who choose the same shade and avoid buying a different shade. It’s good that you try a different shade once in a while and see how it will look on you.

Choose the Right Shade

You will find that lipsticks with deeper shades make your lips look smaller, and brighter lipsticks make your lips look bigger. If you have a fair complexion, you can choose soft mocha or nude color and for a person with a decently fair skin tone can use a peach, nude or pale pink color. And people with medium skin complexion can use browns, red and peaches. So choose your lipstick according to your appearance.